Mutual UFO Network of Ohio

The Mutual UFO Network of Ohio is dedicated to conducting research into the UFO phenomenon and to provide educational programs and publications to the public. Our specific objectives are to:







  • Establish an active network of people in Ohio interested in objective examination of the UFO phenomenon and related matters.
  • Conduct investigations of possible UFO-related events and claims, both historical and current.
  • Hold meetings and conduct objective educational programs on the subject of UFOs for members and the public.
  • Publish a newsletter, a journal, and other publications to make the results of investigations available to it’s members and the public.
  • Monitor the news media in Ohio to help ensure that coverage of UFO-related material is objective and fair.
  • Provide a forum for non-MUFON members and independent researchers to present and publish information as guest speakers or contributors to Mutual UFO Network of Ohio Publications