June 2011 Meeting Summary

18 June 2011 C.U.P. Meeting Summary


Tom said there were not many sightings via Mufon since the last meeting.  Sharon mentioned a sighting she did bring to our attention via e-mail, around the end of May or the beginning of June in Barnesville, Ohio in Harrison County.  Aaron may investigate further as the area is near his in-laws.


Fliers were passed around regarding the 2011 Mufon of Ohio Summer Conference scheduled for Saturday, July 16th in Ashland, Ohio.


Dan Wilson did a presentation of his research on correlation between sightings and nuclear plant problems, showing their proximity on overhead map details.  He started with the Salem Nuclear Plant in New Jersey, on February 25, 1983, which he said was the most serious since Three Mile Island.  He said it is hard to say whether the problems brought on the sightings, or were caused by the visiting crafts, probably some of each.  One of his references is the book, Night Siege.  The assortment of problems included automatic shut downs, pump mal function, broken valve, etc.


Many of the sightings included triangle shaped crafts with a light at each point of the triangle, slow moving, no noise, and the size varied from one to three football fields in length.


Dan also pointed out the rise of breast cancer deaths and infant mortality near these facilities because of shared water sources.  The largest facility in the world, in Toronto, with 8 reactors, openly dumps radioactive material into Lake Ontario.  We are reminded that what the government deems “permissible” levels are not the same as “safe”.


Aaron brought up a map of the U.S. showing where the 104 nuclear plants are located and the range from each plant that would require human/pet evacuation in the event of a major disaster.  Sadly, that includes all of us.


Aaron then brought to our attention the comet, Elenin, and showed Internet views of it as it was aligned with the earth and the sun on March 15th and how we are possibly going to be in the trail of its debris on November 6th.  There is some controversy on the Internet as to whether this is a comet, or a brown dwarf, Nibiru.  Dan Wilson subsequently sent out a YouTube reference via the yahoo e-mail.


As the meeting time slipped away we were viewing a message regarding the NASA Family Preparedness. In light of the intensity of destructive earth dynamics so far this year, the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan, earthquakes in New Zealand and Alaska, many tornadoes in our own country and volcanic eruptions in Iceland, one cannot help but raise an eyebrow at the timeliness of the NASA Family Preparedness memorandum.