April 2012 Meeting Summary

April 21, 2012 Meeting Summary


Aaron began the meeting introducing himself and Tom since there were some new attendees.

He said Richard Dolan will be coming to the 60th Anniversary celebration and he will be talking about The Future of Ufology.

Richard Lee spoke about correlations between events in various countries and the change to cross field studies like UFOs and crop circles.  How to look at data in new ways.

Ted Seman had a suggestion that we start a time line doing data mining tracking assorted events so we could see the possible connections.  While there was a general agreement, no one specifically took charge of the task.  Richard pointed out that Linda Moulton Howe regularly reports on strange and unusual events looking for correlations, and asking what is going on here.  We do need to think out of the box.  Ted again said that there needs to be testing of data sets in order to gather useful information.

Among the strange and unusual events was the business of missing people, who simply disappear, of which about 700,000 a year are children, and of those a large number were said to be Native American and Irish in nationality.

A very lively conversation between three new attendees, followed with contributions to the given thoughts by a couple of the senior group members proved quite interesting.

Two of the new attendees related their sighting experiences and how their lives have been changed as a result.

Ted and Charles spoke of mathematics as a firm foundation for research and as a universal that doesn’t vary from culture to culture – there was also a suggestion that mathematics as we know it is how we see it as humans, but perhaps other worlds have expanded mathematics to a level we have yet to attain.