October 2011 Meeting Summary

15 October 2011  Cleveland Ufology Project Meeting Summary


Aaron began the meeting and immediately turned the floor over to Tom, who reviewed some of his recent speaking engagements.  One of the attendees came this evening as a result of having been to one of those presentations.  Tom said the feedback from the talks has been good.  People who have not otherwise told their stories, came up to him and shared their experiences. There have been about 2 such individuals at each gathering.


Tom said it lent credence to his talk when Sharon, who attended one of the meetings, shared her experiences and talked with some of the attendees.


Tom and Aaron concurred that there seems to be an increase in sightings in Northern Ohio in the last few months.


Among the valid experiencers there is always the possibility of a fraud or two and one we all got a chuckle about was about a gentleman who wore an Area 51 cap in each of the assorted photos he presented and did not want any of his family members to know he was even talking to a U.F.O. related group.  Tom found the Area 51 cap available on e-bay.


A common thread in a number of incidents seems to be a sense of communication between the beings in a sighted craft and the viewer.  Sharon and Cheryl as well as a few of the presentation attendees, said that they had the distinct feeling that the crafts suddenly sped away because they knew the viewers had seen them.


There was more discussion about the comet Elenin and a visual of what is thought to be Elenin crashing into the Sun and the resulting coronal mass ejection.  (Space Weather reference) and suggestion that the sun is beginning a new and hyper active stage.