Cleveland Ufology Project Memberships (Renewed Annually):

Annual individual memberships with the Cleveland Ufology Project may be purchased for $30 (non-student), students receive a regular membership for $20. Members may attend all monthly meetings for free. Non-members are asked to contribute $5 towards room expense, $7 if there is a special guest speaker. Meetings are held at Cuyahoga Community College Western Campus in Parma, Ohio at 7:30pm on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

Monthly meetings offer a range of subjects from presentations by CUP members and officers to special guest speakers such as Peter Robbins.

Cleveland Ufology Project Membership      $30 (non-student)

Cleveland Ufology Project Membership      $20 (student)



5 comments on “Memberships

  1. Greetings From Port Huron Michigan.!! I found your site while searching for “UFO SIGHTINGS OVER LAKE ERIE” We were 2 miles from Bolles Harbor Lake Erie. We observed and counted 8 UFOs come from Lake Erie in rapid order, fly a few miles west, pause for a split second, change direction and fly straight up to a bigger UFO. As tgeb8th one joined the “mother ship” shot straight up out of sight. Web have beenbspottingbthem for years over Laje Erie and Lake Huron. Can we join your group?

  2. Hi, I have been interested in the UFO subject since 1952 when my older cousin was taking me to a hobby shop to buy me a model of the new VTOL airplane. I was 6 years old and from that day on I have been hooked on the UFO subject because it was the same day that the it was on TV and news about the UFO’s flying over the Capital building. My cousin was a genius and was building and flying huge remote controlled airplanes at the age of 16. I can still remember him saying that day very loudly in the car on the way “I Knew it, I Knew it” and then he went on to tell me about UFO’s From that day on I have been watching every TV show, reading, and soaking up anything I could about the subject. My friends used to think I was “full of it” until recently.
    I was just watching another program on TV and then I heard the names James McGaha and Joe Nickell and my blood started to boil. I needed someone to vent on before I exploded in fire but there was no one who would get the reason, but I am wiling to bet that you people are very familiar with the names. So I searched for groups here in Cleveland and when I saw founded in1952 I thought, what a coincidence. I will be back here to join your group if you will have me in a week or so, it would be nice to talk to someone who gets why my blood is still boiling after hearing these 2 guys running their mouths. I look forward to joining,
    Thank you very much, Terry Knerem Euclid Ohio

  3. Ron, I think that this is where my brother, Jack Lochore goes to his UFO meetings, not sure.
    If so contact me and I’ll update you on how he is doing.

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