January 2012 Meeting Summary

Cleveland   Ufology Project – Meeting Minutes 21 January 2012

New beginnings in this New Year included the   new meeting place.  From the plain academic environment at Tri-C of former   years, this night we tip-toed stocking-footed into a Yoga studio with so many   decorative distractions, I didn’t even notice the C.U. P. banner.


Richard Lee, Treasurer, manned the table at   the door of the meeting room to take up new or renewed memberships and   updating individual contact information forms.


Tom Wertman set up his laptop and audio   visual aids and reviewed the work on the new look of the C.U.P. website that   he and Aaron diligently combined efforts to update, refine and   reorganize.  If you have not yet visited the website, please take a   little time to do so and let Tom and Aaron know what you think about it.


Aaron pointed out that July 8, 2012 will be   World Disclosure Day, spearheaded by Stephen Bassett.  C.U.P. can   participate from here by

having our own Disclosure Event.  It   would be at a library on July 7th (since in the summer libraries   are not open on Sundays) – which one will be announced when there is an   available space at a specific library.


During his talks at various libraries in   2011, Tom found that there were people who came up to him to tell about their   own sighting experiences, which they had previously never shared with   anyone.  Aaron’s idea is that C.U.P. members can man tables at a library   for an open forum where people coming by could either tell us their stories,   or to fill out a report form, or at the very least, we could encourage each   person to tell someone.  This will be our own mini Disclosure Day –   since it is unlikely that the Government, of its own accord, will be coming   forth with Disclosure about involvement with and/or knowledge of   extraterrestrial visitations and activities.


There is a deck accessible from the new   meeting room where we hope to do some sky watching this summer.  There   is not a time by which we must vacate the premises so we should be able to   enjoy viewing without time constraints.


At the April meeting there will be a   discussion of the book Aliens of the Forest by Noe Torres and Ruben   Uriarte, available at Amazon Books for $10.76.   Please read the   book and join in on the review.