January 2011 Meeting Summary


15   January 2011 CUP Meeting Summary

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Before all the attendees gathered, a few of us   were talking about the magnetic pole shift that a few articles went through   the e-mail about recently.  The last comment by Tom stuck with me.    “… a total flip of the poles could generate the onset of the next ice   age…there is some thought that this is what the Mayan Calendar is referring   to in the 2012 speculations.”

Tom began the meeting and he listed some websites   on the board that may be of interest:

latest UFO sightings.net

Internet Radio:   Paranormal Radio   Network.org

Magazine:  Open Minds

Tom brought along an issue of Open Minds,   which he said is available at Borders and passed it around for us to check   out.

We looked at some you tube footage on reported   sightings of lights in triangular formation.  One of the sightings was   downtown, but no indication where downtown or if the building had a   helicopter landing on top.  Another similar one was located within three   miles of a municipal airport with nothing else in the photo for reference   points and the speculation was that the movement was likely camera   jitter.

Tom mentioned that Aaron told him the CUP website   is back on line – one page at this time.

Richard pointed out to us that there is much   being done that is NOT talked about in this field.  With the level of   technology in use today, “You have NO secrets!”  If an e-mail goes out   or a cell phone is used, then the information imparted is out there.  A   baby monitor is like having a bug planted in your house.