February 2012 Meeting Summary

18 February 2012 C.U.P. Meeting Summary


A few folks gathered an hour before the normal meeting starting time in order to catch up with club business and get the ball rolling regarding the 60th anniversary celebration.  The what, when, where of possibilities got bounced back and forth until by process of elimination it was concluded that September would be the best month and that a banquet with a speaker would be in order.  Aaron has since talked with Richard Dolan, who expects to have a new book out this summer with a large part of the book discussing the future of ufology and where we go from here.


Dale Harder was in attendance and since he has had experience handling events for a couple of organizations he is associated with, he volunteered to make phone calls checking availability, size of spaces and costs for an assortment of facilities and menus.


There was some talk about our mini Disclosure Day in July – at this point Aaron was able to get a reservation for Sunday, July 8th at the Brecksville Library from 1-5 p.m..


Tom is working on the website continuing to add new material and updating it. He expects to scan C.U.P.’s Out of This World Cook Book and make it available as a PDF file for purchase electronically on the website via pay pal. Sharon will be e-mailing well known individuals to ask them to contribute additional recipes.  Do you have a favorite recipe you’d like to have included?  Send it in.  Stay tuned.


Aaron brought up the topic of having a C.U.P tee shirt. Although this idea came up a few years back and a friend of his actually designed a few shirts and has the capability to silk screen them, nothing was actually done.  Now, who wouldn’t love a C.U.P. tee shirt?