January 2013 Meeting Summary

Cleveland Ufology Project Meeting 19 January 2013

Aaron opened the meeting inviting Sam to come forward to share his excitement over some new acquisitions – an infrared camera, which he passed around the room so everyone could have a look through it at their hands or people across from them.  Sam would like to bring the camera to investigations of sightings and crop circles or to combine efforts with other C.U.P. members in experiments, and for sky viewing.  The other item is a 2 channel oscilloscope which he feels might also be useful at U.F.O or paranormal investigations.


He went on to mention the Orgone Accumulator – some of the members of the group had experience with the Orgone Pyramid and comments were voiced.  Much more detailed information is available on the internet.


Rev Will showed a picture he had on his camera, which he also posted on the C.U.P Facebook page, which Aaron was able to open on the overhead screen, of a ship that was photographed from inside the window of the Space Station.  Will has several websites including Rev Report, his own Facebook page, and others where he has posted numerous sightings and YouTube reports that might be of interest to many of us.


Dale Harder, formerly a Rocket Scientist with NASA Glenn, announced that he is greatly anticipating his new association with Project Camelot beginning late this spring, as a Tesla Apprentice, to work on building space craft. He talked about the work of Otis Carr and Ralph Ring.  Otis Carr’s 45’ craft, labeled OTCX1, which he theorized would work on resonance frequency.  To get a graphic idea of what this means, I recommend the video: Resonant UFO – Ralph Ring and Otis T Carr – YouTube.


Dale also mentioned the Keshe Foundation Institute and plasma reactors – which is talking about cars without wheels, airplanes without wings, and much more.


George did offer Dale the caveat that he should be prepared for government harassment once he is involved in the new endeavor.


Both Sam and Dale will be doing presentations at future meetings – possibly beginning in March.



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