March 2012 Meeting Summary

17 March 2012 C.U.P. Meeting Summary


From the edge of waking the next morning, the spectre of the three tall slim pale figures, suited in white as they quickly turned their gaze toward the policeman who shouted at them before a surge of the energy from them knocked him down, replayed in my head from the Colin Andrews DVD, Conscious Circles, that Aaron showed at the meeting.


On the DVD Mr. Andrews introduced himself to the audience as the person who coined the phrase Crop Circle.  He talked about his career and his personal life and how crop circles have evolved in complexity of design and how even the hoaxed circles may be a part of a thread that connects all living things in a big picture.


This DVD was so engaging that when Aaron advised us that the meeting time was up and we could turn it off and leave, the consensus was to stay where we were and finish watching and listening until it ended an hour later.


There was some discussion of the 60th Anniversary banquet and some additional thoughts on Disclosure Day.


Sharonhas sent e-mail requests for recipes to a number of contacts and received 3 responses to date.


Tom reviewed the coming Library talks which promise to be as enthusiastically received as last year’s talks.


Aaron wondered if it is worthwhile to continue the Yahoo e-mail group, if most of those same folks are on the Facebook pages.  He observed that the e-mail folks are more local while the Facebook participants are mostly out of town, so it was decided to continue both sources of communication for the time being.