October 2012 Meeting Summary

October 20, 2012 Cleveland Ufology Project Meeting Summary

The meeting opened with Dave sharing a sighting and passing around a sketch of a craft from the sighting.  After telling his boss about it, the employer remembered that once he had seen an unusual craft.  He had even called his wife to have a look, but couldn’t get a camera before it was gone.


Aaron and Tom presented findings from a crop circle investigation they recently conducted down in the Hopewell Mounds area.  The crop circle, originally found by a pilot flying over it a couple of weeks ago, was in a corn field, which has since been plowed under.  Arriving on the scene at 8:00 a.m. there were about twenty people milling around including a local newspaper reporter who was asked to leave since he did not have permission of the property owner to be there.  Aaron and Tom took measurements of the bent and broken stalks of various heights.  The design consisted of about 40 circles.  One center circle surrounded by seven circles with seven swirls of smaller circles going outward from the center group. Some of the swirls looked clockwise and others counter clockwise.


Both Tom and Aaron reported feeling sick after spending time in the circle.


Jeff Wilson from ICCRA was interviewed by Linda M. Howe on Coast to Coast this past Thursday about the event.


Wendy was thoughtful and generous to bring chocolate chip cookies for the group to share.


Sharon introduced the guest speaker for the evening, Mr. Butch Witkowski, a retired police officer, who recently organized the group UFORCOP, UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania. (2009) The group investigates all manner of bizarre activities, from Bigfoot sightings, Cryptozoology, Paranormal and UFO reports, spontaneous human combustion, animal and human mutilations.  


This evening his focus was on the mutilations, the dark side of ufology, he said, with slides of not only animals but humans, which were very disturbing and the stuff of nightmares.  From the dark coloration around the incised areas on the bodies, his experience in law enforcement told him that the victims had been living when they were being cut.  He pointed out that according to NCIC statistics, there were 778,164 missing persons reported in 2008, of which 95% were found, but 5% were never found.  Since 1991  13,861,065 persons have gone missing. 40,795 a year.  Where are those people?



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