May 2012 Meeting Summary

19 May 2012 C.U.P Meeting Summary

Aaron began the meeting with a reminder of events that are scheduled for the coming months.  Michael Tellinger will be speaking to our group at the current meeting room on Wednesday, June 13th starting at 6:00 p.m.  Registration is set up on the C.U.P Facebook site.   The regular monthly meeting will take place on the following Saturday, June 16th and will be focused on organization of the other upcoming events and how the work for each is progressing.

Tom asked if some C.U.P. members or regular attendees would come to his library talks to help take down information from the folks who are eager to report their sightings and maybe snap a few photos, from the back of the room to keep identity of attendees private, but which would show the volume of crowds attending the library talks.  A photo or two might make it to the website.

Aaron has received recipes for the cookbook and is still open to receiving more.  Dave volunteered to help edit the cook book.

The podium was turned over to Dale Harder for his presentation of photos and documentation which he selected from 36 episodes of Ancient Aliens on the History Channel.  He spent at least forty hours compiling the data and could have made it much longer, but did not, in order to fit into the space of one meeting.

The mysteries abound, and range from did the Germans have help designing the Messerschmitt 262, to how were heavy stones, 150 tons each, lifted to construct megalithic cities and the likes of Stonehenge?

There is a road or flight path at the top of a leveled off mountain in Peru, with no mound of dirt anywhere nearby that the mountain top was moved to.

The Mayan culture was educated in languages, written language, mathematics, astronomy.  Was the Mayan King, Pa Kul an Astronaut?   Was Merlin an E.T.?

Each of the heads/figures on Easter Island has a unique look – are they likenesses of sky people?

There are far more questions than answers.