November 2012 Meeting Summary

17 November 2012 C.U.P. Meeting Summary

After a brief opening of the meeting, regarding common threads in the MUFON cases, Tom presented Maryann Hawk to the group as the speaker of the evening.

Maryann focused on the history of ufology as documented by the late Leonard Stringfield and his friend and fellow ufology buff, Stan Tytko.  Over the years the two friends communicated by letter, some of which Maryann had with her to share with the group.  Stan was a pathologist at the Cleveland Clinic and his wife was also employed there.  Later they both left the Clinic and went on to open a medical equipment company.


Stan Tytko and Mary Ann Hawk were both on the C.U.P. Out of this world Cook Book committee, so she had many stories to relate regarding the early days of the club’s activities.  Richard and Dale both contributed some of their thoughts and memories from the historic stories as well.


Members of C.U.P. were among the first to see the alien autopsy information and there was also high interest in the Cyborg field.  She went on to talk about one such creature, named Alpha, which had equipment functioning on the left side of his brain for logical and rational thinking, and his assorted interactions with unsuspecting individuals.


There was a suggestion that scientists have been abducted and are working in labs on the moon.



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