Recent Sightings

Lakewood, Ohio (MUFON Case #33715)
November 29,2011, 7:28pm
 I was at my brothers’ house, in his driveway working on his Volkswagen. At about 7:20pm he went inside to look for some hardware we needed. At that time I was having a cigarette looking south and watching the planes come in to land at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Almost every plane that flies in and out of Cleveland flies right over parts of Lakewood; I’ve lived in Lakewood my entire life (31 yrs). There was a descending commercial plane coming from the northeast, and was moving southwest very low (as is usual) at roughly 7:27pm. That is when I noticed this fireball looking object coming from the south moving north, which looked as if it was crossing in front of the flight path of the descending airplane. After maybe 20 seconds, I realized this was extremely unusual. So, I started yelling for my brother to come out and take a look. He hurried out of the house and stood right next to me. I pointed to the object in the sky and said to him “You see that? Does that look like a plane to you?” He agreed with me that it was DEFINITELY not a plane. At that moment, I called my girlfriend to see if she could see it from her place since she lives right near the lake, but she was not home at the time. The object moved from south to north in a pretty straight path, it was below the cloud cover, and it made no sound whatsoever. I witnessed it from the southern edge of Lakewood and my brother and I watched it move in the sky until it was not visible anymore; which was somewhere over Lake Erie. It took roughly 2 minutes for it to make that path. I definitely know the difference between airplanes (commercial, small craft, and military) and helicopters. This was 110 percent NOT any of these. It was not a meteor as it moved too slowly. It was definitely under intelligent control. Here is something interesting too… about 3 or 4 weeks ago, the local news reported the times when you can view the International Space Station in the sky. My other brothers’ friend went outside at that time to check it out. He was with a friend of his, and he said that after looking in the sky for a while he saw an orange fireball below the cloud line moving from south to north, making no sound over the same city. I believe what my brother and I saw is the same UFO my brother’s friend had seen weeks earlier. Amazing!
Lakewood, Ohio  (MUFON Case #33670)
July 4, 2011, 9:28pm

 Before I describe what I saw, I’d like to inform you that I have always been a strong believer in aliens. I’ve been a Ancient Aliens watcher since the show started. About myself, I am a very intuitive person who’s at the right place at the right time and sees things I’m not suppose to. I’m in touch with my 6th sense, my third eye is rarely closed. My boyfriend is the same way. That’s the connection that we share. We’ve been talking about knowing there will be much more sighting in the near future with all the changes occurring in the atmosphere and universe. There is going to be a change of humans daily lives soon and I my theory to get this change to occur, people need to expand their minds and know that we are not the only ones out here. During and after the sighting I felt like we were purposefully contacted and telepathically communicated with the object but I cannot show any proof of that. it was on a spiritual level. Lakewood Ohio July 4th 2011. My boyfriend and I were setting off firecrackers, sparklers and poppers in the back parking lot of his apartment building. We saw many explosions in the sky from fire works. Living miles from Hopkins airport, I grew up looking at and hearing planes so I know what to identify in the sky. I just so happened to be filming and taking pictures of the setting off of firecrackers, with my digital camera. All of a sudden, I look up and see a glowing, flaming object coming towards me from the sky. At first I thought it was an ash from fireworks a nearby neighbor was setting off and expected the firey tone to fade away as it fell near the ground. But I noticed it wasn’t falling to the ground, it was smoothly gliding in a straight line and the redish orange pulsating light wasn’t fading. I looked over at my boyfriend and noticed he was looking at it too. We looked at each other with big eyes, without saying a word we both knew what it might be.The object glided past the above the building. It seemed so treetop close to the ground but about a football field and a half away. When we really focused on it, we both confirmed we heard a very faint humming noise. Now after the first time it passed us..we saw another one come from out of no where, same distance, same speed, noise…everything. I switched my camera to video mode and started filming. I filmed until my camera card was filled. Was it another one or did it take us back in time after the first time it appeared? Possibly the same one but us going back in time or possibly a second one. What I got on video, is not what I saw with my naked eye. I would look through the camera then I looked with my natural eye sight, without electronics. They looked different. The naked eye was more mystical, tinkerbell in a jar, the pulsating movements in the center of the glow almost looked like hyroglifics….it was much more detailed then what the camera captured. The camera had more light effects, a heavier pulsating glow and was the color red instead of a candle lit in a jar color. The objects shape appeared in the form of a pulsating sphere in both naked eye and camera though. At first I felt sketched out because I knew what to look for in a UFO and I was seeing all correct signs. After the event, I felt peaceful and pondered over what I saw for awhile. I felt as if I got a welcoming message of “Hello, yes, we do exist and we will be here more, so prepare yourselves.” I think it’s clever for UFOs to roam around in the sky on a night where other lights occur in the sky. That way, if anyone sees it, people wouldn’t think twice about what weird light they saw in the sky on the 4th of July. And that was one of the very few thing my boyfriend and I agree on. Now I’ll have to go back and look at the times but for now, I’ll share with you, my video and let you judge for yourselves.