April 2011 Meeting Summary

April 17, 2011 C.U.P Meeting Summary

The meeting began with Tom Wertman saying there were very few sightings reported recently and he is reviewing old material.  He said MUFON will be holding another meeting inOhioin July which would feature three speakers:

  1. Kathleen      Marden, niece of Betty and Barney Hill and co-author of the Hill’s story, Captured.
  2. Travis      Walton
  3. Bruce      Maccabee – maybe

Aaron mentioned that he will be speaking to the Astronomy Club in late May; he’ll e-mail details as the event gets closer.

There was a brief discussion about the book, After Disclosure by Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel.  Aaron thinks there would be a lot of chaos and there might not even be an official disclosure, people would just see things unfolding and become accustomed to the changes.

Cathy Lee wondered how mob psychology would play out.  Would there be panic, food hoarding.  She said it is hard to imagine how people would react.

Terri Harper suggested that holograms might appear.

The question arose, why would the government make an official disclosure?

The wireless SKYPE connection was made and Richard Dolan appeared with his cup of tea.  He talked about how he and Bryce Zabel started writing about the book.

They began with the questions:

1. How might UFO secrecy end,

2. Why would that happen

There are many eventualities.

If disclosure would be forced, by a craft landing and occupants announcing   themselves, disclosure would be the beginning, not the end, of a new paradigm.

There would be challenges and opportunities, panic and negative repercussions, but, it would be like the 1960s on steroids or LSD.  There would be interaction betweenHollywoodand government to try to manage public opinion.  For example, what was the message Steven Spielberg was sending with his charming ET character and Close Encounters?  Would the extraterrestrials be peaceful or would they be here to control us – as an army of drones?  Richard Dolan felt that theHollywoodangle had been overplayed.

He talked about the way the advances in technology have led us to where we are, that Wikileaks and SKYPE would not have been even possible a few years ago.   We are jumping to a new level in society.  Technology is screaming into the future with bio and nano technology and quantum computing.  We are on the verge of recreating our species.  Instead of I.Q.s in the low hundreds, they will be 400 and 500.

He said he thinks we will continue to have a moneyed society but there will most certainly be changes.  Religions will not collapse, but may be deeply transformed and there will be a renaissance of science.

Sharon asked if he was changed by his research in his view of ufology and he said his view has been deepened.

Whitley Strieber explored the darker side of who those beings are, andSharonconcurred that literature around abduction confirms that there is a dark side.

What is needed is a new level of political co-operation and political house cleaning.

Dolan went on to say fear is never our friend, that human beings have always had difficulties but somehow come through them.  We don’t know how strong we are until we are in hot water.  We should not fear the unknown beings; we need to be calm and rational.