March 2013 Meeting Summary

16   March 2013 Cleveland Ufology Project Meeting Summary

Aaron called the meeting to order with   the gavel the club had saved from the days of old, last used by Earl J.   Neff.


The first thing to be settled was   whether to stay with Tri-C for our meetings or not.  If yes, Tri-C has   now required us to become insured as a group, in case of any accidents caused   to or by any members or attendees.  The insurance cost is very high but   Tom talked with his personal agent at State Farm and was given a quote for   C.U.P. as a “civic group” which was more reasonable.   The   insurance coverage is required by Tri-C before we would be allowed to meet   there again.


George suggested we could meet at a   Denny’s restaurant with no attached costs or requirements except that all   attendees purchase something to eat during the meeting.

It was decided by a show of hands, to   go ahead and purchase the “civic group” coverage and continue meeting at   Tri-C until an alternative place can be found and agreed upon.


Dave told about his sighting of a   crescent shaped formation of orbs at 5:30 a.m. the previous Saturday, which   he viewed through a device called a monocular.  He posted the   information on Facebook on the C.U.P. group page.


Dale Harder brought a star projector   and some discs of the full night sky which he aimed at the ceiling of the   room.  There was too much ambient light and the ceiling was not a flat   solid surface, but had an assortment of rectangular panels which distorted   the images.  The visual was interesting, but the circumstances prevented   good clear views.   Dave aimed his monocular at the images and was   able to detect some movement not visible to the rest of us.  A second   disc was a view of Saturn from its moon, Titan.


Dale also spoke briefly about his own   missing time and abduction experience.  He continues to be hopeful about   his future direction with the Camelot Project and working with resonance   crafts.