December 2011 Meeting Summary

December 17, 2011 Meeting Summary


The December 17, 2011 meeting of the Cleveland Ufology Project got underway as the Christmas cookies and assorted goodies were laid with care across two tables.   Attendees helped themselves to snacks and steaming hot coffee while Aaron and Tom set up for the anticipated viewing of the documentary film, Thrive, which was narrated by Foster Gamble of the Procter and Gamble legacy.

Mr. Gamble started with a question about how it is that humanity is constructed to thrive, but seems to be struggling to simply survive.

He showed examples of a whirlpool design he called torus energy which is depicted on early cave drawings as well as in some crop circle designs.  This type of energy is circulated at one end of the shape and goes out the other end and is so common in the universe, it could literally provide free power to all civilizations.

He suggested that from ancient times, a design called Torus, in which energy travels in one end of a tiny molecule (like a quantum) and circulates around and then out the other end, could provide free energy to meet the needs of all civilizations has been known and depicted in cave drawings and today often show up in crop circles; this has been overlooked or purposely ignored because the most wealthy individuals and corporations are not interested in providing free energy while they are in the business of making fortunes extracting high prices for oil and the like.

He pointed out that instead of thriving as we have every capability of doing, mankind is struggling to survive.  He talked about the wealthiest few steering the world into a corporatocracy and the effort to condense the remaining population by controlling the financial kingdom, allowing bank failures, bail outs to bankrupt the people forcing them into financial servitude; The European Union is one example of herding countries into smaller controllable groups; the African Union is underway; then the American Union and the Asian one.  If there were less people, the less would be easier to control, so they are poisoning our food supply with genetically modified organisms – or GMOs, some containing sterility chemicals to downsize the population.  He said the fertility of American’s in this century is considerably lower than ever before.  He gave statistics, I don’t recall the numbers.  He talked about arial spraying of chemicals which would sterilize children in California.  I distinctly remember the arial spraying of the malathion with the excuse of eliminating the Mediterranean fruit fly, while we lived in California.  The bottom line of this documentary was to sound the wake up call for we are rapidly falling into the frightful possibility of being drones of the wealthy few running the world.  It would be the realization of the 1984 George Orwell wrote about.  Such organizations that are global, like the IMF, World Health Organization, and the World Bank are a few examples of the few controlling the many.

Ways to help ourselves is to buy locally grown foods, organic foods, not to allow bail outs, and to do all we can to avoid globalization.