March 2011 Meeting Summary

March 19, 2011 C.U.P. Meeting Summary

Dan Wilson spoke briefly about UFO sightings in the vicinity of nuclear events.  There is some speculation that the unidentified crafts may have been trying to prevent the damage from being worse than it was.  With the recent quakes and tsunami inJapan, a white dot showed up on the film running ahead of the great seismic wave – this was on You Tube.

The guest speaker, Fritz Zimmerman, then did a slide show, with a couple of short video clips on Ancient Mysteries of Ohio.  Mr. Zimmerman is the author of two current books, The Nephilim Chronicles, Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley and The Nephilim Chronicles, A Travel Guide to the Ancient Ruins in the Ohio Valley, both of which he brought copies to sell.

While he said that there are burial mounds and earthworks all over the country, his focus this evening was onOhioandIndianabecause those might interest us most, and it is most likely that we might make short trips to the nearby sites for our own observations.

Some skeletons eight to twelve feet in height were considered a race of giants, and another group was discovered, with a double row of teeth.  Assorted skulls, skeletal remains, burial positions, shapes and sizes of burial mounds were shown, the religious significance, and meanings were all referred to, but there was so much material covered I could not recap it all and do justice to the author, speaker.  The only way I expect to grasp this material better is to read the books.

He pointed out that while the scientists suggest that one phase of man ended and the next arose, the change was not quite that abrupt.  A trait that seems to have trickled down from our Cro-Magnon forefathers is red hair.